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The Essence of Raaga Collection

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

A range of scented soy candles based on Indian Raaga & Seasons by The Philotree

What does Raaga mean?

In the context of Indian Classical Music, the word 'raaga', indicates the musician colouring or building an experience for the listeners.

Different raagas are associated with different moods, experiences, time of the day and seasons. Raagas are a feature of Indian classical music consisting of a group of notes or scales that may be unique to each Raaga. This framework provides the musician with rules of a specific raaga and allows them to improvise keeping these laws in mind.

Are Raagas related to Seasons and Time of the Day?

The North Indian raaga system, also called Hindustani, believed that the human mind was influenced by the seasons and biological rhythms through the day. Therefore, they emphasised the significance of performing raagas according to the weather and suggested a specific time of the day for the same.

Indian Musicologist, Sharngadeva, linked simple raagas to morning, passionate raagas to evening, skillful raagas to noon and so on.

The Essence of Raaga Collection by The Philotree

We introduce to you The Essence of Raaga, a collection of scented soy wax candles with the sole purpose of celebrating the Indian Raagas and their relationship with the different seasons. Enjoy each season with our specially curated Spotify playlist

Raaga Malhar | Monsoon

According to a famous legend, Tansen is said to have induced rainfall by singing Raaga Malhar. It represents Varsha Ritu or Monsoons. Our candle has a unique amalgamation of Bergamot, Patchouli, and other oils to help you envision monsoon, thick clouds, thunder & torrential rains.

Raaga Deepak | Summer

Raaga Deepak is believed to be created by Lord Shiva.

It is ideally performed in Grishmaritu (Summers).

With a hint of Summer Rose and refreshing Sandalwood, this candle is sure to remind you of a lazy summer afternoon.

Raaga Hindol | Spring Raga Hindol depicts love, personifies kama, and the beauty that is Krishna.It represents Vasant Ritu or the Spring, Let the unique blend of Jasmine & Orange carry you to a valley with the early blooms of Spring.

Raaga Bhairav | Autumn

Indian Mythology suggests that Raga Bhairav was the first raaga to emanate from Lord Shiva. It represents Sharad Ritu (Autumn). Our carefully curated blend of Tangerine, Ylang Ylang, and other oils would remind you of the oncoming winter and the falling of old, yellow leaves.

Raaga Malkauns | Winter

Legend says that Raaga Malkauns was created to soothe the rage of Lord Shiva after he learnt of Sati's demise. It is associated with Shishira Ritu or Deep Winter. A blend of Cedarwood and Vanilla would transport you to the icy winters & Deodars of the mighty Himalayas.

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