We are often asked why we handcraft our soy candles and not just buy machines to make the manufacturing process easier?

Every maker, like us, has had that moment when they ask themselves the same question... Why are we spending so much time making and crafting candles by hand when a machine could save us so much time? These are our thoughts on the difference between handcrafted and machine made candles:

  1. Proof is in the details Makers marks, a slight indent from handling, and a little drip at the end of the wick when we coat the wick by hand, are all lovely to see on a candle. It's all part of what makes each candle special. But there are also the practical steps taken to ensure the highest level of quality, such as hand melting the bottom of each pillar candle to ensure it is straight and does not leak.

  2. Environment Friendly It takes much less energy to handcraft goods than it does to mass-produce them on an assembly line. This implies that handcrafted items are environmentally friendly.

  3. They Bring Nature Closer Hand-poured candles are made of all-natural ingredients and are beautifully scented with pure essential oils. They have an aromatherapeutic experience, ideal for calming and intimate moments with your significant other.

  4. Helps aide the craft Buying from small makers means you're helping the craft itself, which helps to ensure its survival. Since not everything can be produced with the same level of quality by a machine, many goods will still be better made by hand. Support handcrafted to ensure that these artisans will continue to create the items we need.

So, thank you for your support of our small candle business. We are proud of using the best ingredients and manufacturing practices to ensure highest standard of quality. We will continue to make our candles by hand and hope to see them light up your homes.

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